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Nanjing Yire is a China-based heat Exchanger manufacturing company, offering cost-effective Heat Exchangers for a wide array of Industries. We have been building and designing custom heat exchanger products since two decades. Our goal is to be the first choice manufacturer for all your heat exchangers.

Nanjing Yire Zonglian Energy Conservation Technology Co. Ltd. located in Science Park of Southeast University, Nanjing, is a professional high-tech company, which innovates, designs and manufactures gas-gas plate heat exchangers and possesses a large production base.

The major products include gas to gas plate heat exchangers resisting temperature up to 950oC, gas-gas heat radiation heat exchangers resisting temperature up to 1400oC, combined type gas-gas heat exchangers resisting high temperature and high pressure, indirect heat exchanging hot air systems, high-efficiency and energy-saving waste gas incineration systems and other energy conservation systems.

Our company has many national invention patent technologies. Our products have been widely used in the fields of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power and etc. The main specifications of our products reach the internationally advanced levels.

Many large enterprises have used our products, such as Baosteel, Jilin Chemical Group, PetroChina, Durr, American SD,SAINT-GOBAIN and some other Japanese and Taiwan enterprises in China. Our products have also been exported to many foreign countries and regions, such as India, UAE, Turkey, Spain, Taiwan and so on.

Contact us for more information on Manufacturing and Supplies of Gas to Gas Heat Exchangers, Plate Type Heat Exchangers and Tubular Type Heat Exchangers, Single Tube Heat Exchangers, Hot Blast Stove Systems, Energy Saving Incinerators Systems, Air Preheaters, Air Coolers, Air To Air Heat Exchanger, Recuperator, Thermal Oxidizers, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers, Catalytic Oxidizers etc. or to discuss your requirements. Email us at kailashpati.mishra@nj-yire.com

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