Energy saving incineration systems Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India

Nanjing Yire is an eminent name, which is engaged in supply and manufacturing of Energy saving incineration system in India. We manufacture this using qualitative and high grade raw-material acquired from reliable vendors.

Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Thermal Oxidizers in India

We are engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of highly efficient Thermal Oxidizers. Thermal oxidizers or TO units are typically used to incinerate the hazardous gases/VOC’s pollutants produced from industrial process. VOC’s in the waste gases are low compounds for purpose of emission under environmental regulations.

These waste gas are usually burnt using natural gas as fuel. During waste gas incineration high temperature flue gas is generated (may be upto 950 Deg.C) this recovery this waste heat can be done by having primary and secondary heat exchanger within the system, primary heat exchanger preheats the waste gas containing the VOC’s by recovering the heat from the exiting clean air. This is done by a gas-plate heat exchanger. The secondary heat further utilizes the heat by the heat of clean air coming out of the plate heat exchanger . This secondary heat exchanger may be plate type/finned tube type can be used for oil/water heating application in the process.

Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers in India

We are among the best manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers in India. Nowadays, regenerative thermal oxidizer, commonly referred to as a RTO is widely used in industry as air pollution control equipment because of following points:

  • 1) Low operating cost
  • 2) Highest purification efficiency, VOC’s removal is more than 95 % can be upto 99 %.
  • 3) Easy to operate, safe and reliable operation.
RTO uses a ceramic honeycomb which is heated during the preheating of input gases to partially oxidize them. The preheated gases then enter into combustion chamber which is heated upto temperature range of 750 Deg.C to 1100 Deg.C depending upon how much destruction of VOC’s is required.

Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Catalytic Oxidizers in India

We manufacture, supply and export supreme quality Catalytic Oxidizers in India. Catalytic oxidizer also referred to CO units similar to typical thermal oxidizers, but the catalytic oxidizers use a catalyst to promote the oxidation. Selection of TO, RTO, CO units depend upon the concentration of VOC’s.

In CO units for destruction of VOC’s combustion temperature required is less than 500 Deg.C. Yire design, manufacture and supply Catalytic Oxidizers or CO units with waste heat recovery heat exchangers.

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