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Hot Blast Stove is systems to continuously supply the hot air blast to furnace or system. This air is preheated directly or indirectly. Based upon that these are categorized in two types:

1) Direct Type Hot Blast Stove
2) Indirect Type Hot Blast Stove

Direct Type Hot Blast stoves are simple in construction as it involves the direct mixing of fresh air with flue gas raising the temperature of the hot air.

Whereas in Indirect type Hot Blast Stove the flue gas and the heated gas ( typically air ) are not in direct contact.

Yire supply a complete set of indirect type hot blast stove along with oven, burners, and heat exchangers. Using yire’s plate type heat exchanger complete heat recovery of the exhaust gas is done providing the clean hot air around 700 Deg.C & lowering the exhaust gas temperature upto 100 Deg.C thus saving fuel cost for end customer. Yire's hot blast system (indirect type) has more heat transfer efficiency more than 95% than the other manufactures.


"Hot Blast Stove Systems“ is a new type hot blast stove heat exchanger combined with high temperature resistant & high efficiency heat ex changer.

Provide 800 ℃ high temperature hot air clean, the overall thermal efficiency as high as 95%.

To further expand in the field of plate heat exchangers in high temperature gas heat transfer applications.

To solve the shortage of the traditional hot blast stove in high temperature areas.

Hot Blast Stove Systems

Product Features

  • Volume less than 1/2 of traditional hot blast stove.
  • Weight is the 1/3 to 1/4 of the traditional hot blast stove.
  • Improve clean air temperature limit, up to more than 800 ℃.
  • The thermal efficiency can reach above 95%.
  • Equipment material consumption is small, low cost.
  • Compact structure, small space, consumes the material quantity is little, wide adaptation, high thermal efficiency.
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