Single Tube Heat Exchangers Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in India

We are highly appreciated for manufacturing, supplying and exporting of finest quality Single Tube Heat Exchangers. We use qualitative raw material in the manufacturing process to accomplish the demands of clients.

Yire also specialize in design of Single tube heat exchanger for individual applications such as air cooling, air-preheating, air drying, economizers/Recuperator, air to air, oil/water heating etc.

Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Air Preheaters in India

Yire involves in design, manufacturing and supply of Air preheaters which are commonly used to heat air before another process (for example, combustion, pretreatment etc.) with the main focus of increasing the thermal efficiency of the process. Air preheater can be used for application like heating and evaporation, for cooling and condensing and for heat recovery.

Single tube heat exchangers can be made from numerous materials: steel, stainless steel materials. Plain tube heat exchangers are used mostly where a fluid present around the tubes is so polluted that finned tubes can no longer be used. Plain tubes can be configured in different ways either next to one another or serially.

Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Air Coolers (Plate Type) in India

Air coolers are used for cooling of fluid medium through ambient or cooler air. We manufacture and supply plate type air coolers for cooling of high temperature gas and solve the fouling problem in the process of cooling circulating water. Widely used for cooling gases from the galvanizing lines etc.

Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Air to Air Heat Exchanger in India

In various industrial processes exhaust gases/air blown directly to atmosphere without using its thermal energy. When this energy is measured in the context of high energy cost and limits concerning CO2 emission industries need to make their process energy efficient. Processor need to envisage use of waste energy recovery system meaning preheating fresh air by the exhaust air the exhaust air. Yire Air To Air heat exchangers are the first choice for this purpose.

Yire manufactures and supply welded plate type air to air heat exchanger which is suited for application for moderate to higher temperature ranges, higher pollution, high volume of flue gas load on the heat exchanger.

Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Recuperators in India

We manufacture and supply High Efficiency Recuperator heat exchangers in India. A Recuperator heat exchanger normally used with blast furnaces, galvanizing furnaces, reheating furnaces in order to recover the waste heat. For Waste heat recovery the Recuperator is provided in the flue duct between furnace & chimney by passing combustion air through recuperator, air can be preheated before entering furnace from burner.

We fully customize the design depending upon customer requirement. We can heat up the air more than 550 Deg.C with our compact gas plate heat exchanger/tubular size design and guarantee high heat transfer efficiency.

Heat Conducting Oil Heat Exchanger

Oil/Water Heat Exchanger

Application fields
Industries using heat conducting oil such as: rubber and plastic, oil, chemical fiber, and etc.

Single Tube Air Pre-heater Using Steam Heating

Single Tube Air Pre-heater Using Steam Heating

Application fields
Applicable for high-efficiency drying systems using steam heating.

Soft Water Heat Exchanger

Gas/Liquid Heat Exchanger

Application fields
Synthesis ammonia, heat recovery system for boiler and industrial furnace gas.

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